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  We are pleased to welcome You to the official website of the "SOCHI TV-RADIO COMPANY". Here You will find the full information about the activities of our company.

 OOO "SOCHI TV-RADIO COMPANY" was established in 2000 in Sochi. Main areas: telecommunication services, production of TV and radio programs, advertising. The core team are professionals with extensive experience of successful work in the field of broadcasting.

 ООО "SOCHI TV-RADIO COMPANY" is the main holding company of several companies, divided by core areas. One of the famous, "Company ES", is from 2005. in Krasnodar Krai in Tuapse and Tuapse district of the FIRST CHANNEL IN HD (HIGH-DEFINITION TV) Movie channels "43 Channel HD" and the radio "Europe Plus Tuapse" 101.8 FM. Advertising in Tuapse on radio Europe Plus Tuapse and TV 43 Channel is a 100% success of Your business!

 Own product, OOO "SOCHI TV-RADIO COMPANY" is CHANNEL "STRC" - THE FIRST CHANNEL IN SOCHI HD (HIGH DEFINITION TV). "STRC" - movie channel, with a frequency distribution in the entire Russian Federation. Advertising in Sochi, the TV channel SOCHI TV-RADIO COMPANY ( STRC HD ) - best solution!  

  In 2013, OOO "STRС" presented a new perspective, exclusive radio project "Soul FM". The minds and hearts of our listeners will be filled with the best musical creations of the most talented performers of world and Patriotic music.

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